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Organic Gluta Pill

Organic Gluta Pill

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OBBBeaute Organic Gluta Pill is a super skin lightening capsule. It brightens and improves skin 3 times faster than 5D GLUTA pills. Fully effective oral formula, it is a new ultra-light formulation for faster results. It lightens dark skin, melasma and tan. This ultimate organic pill has been designed to effectively promote skin lightening by inhibiting the production of skin pigments (melanin) this capsule has proven safe and effective in numerous clinical studies. Like all food supplements, pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before taking these capsules. Glutathione has cell protective properties which make it unsuitable for CHEMOTHERAPY patients.

Indications: 2 capsules (twice) per day, morning and evening, 2 hours before meals plus 2 capsules of vitamin C & collagen. So 1 box for 15 days supply of ultimate organic pill. For 1 month = 2 boxes of ultimate pill and 1 box of vitamin C & collagen. You gain 2 shades lighter after 1 month of use and 6 shades lighter after 3 months of use.


L-GLUTATHIONE, grape seed, vitamin c, ginger, licorice, papaya

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